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We provide a complete range of treatments to maintain your dental health, from routine check-ups and dental hygiene to dental hygiene and white fillings.

Child at the Dentist

Dental examinations

Prevention is our highest priority at Dental Smile Clinic. During dental examinations we are able to make sure not only that your teeth and gums are healthy but also that the rest of your mouth, throat and neck are healthy.

Children's dentistry

We offer dentistry for all ages at Dental Smile Clinic and welcome both children and adults. All of our dentists take extra care to make children feel comfortable at the dentist from a young age. 

White fillings

Many people prefer tooth coloured fillings to unsightly metal fillings. We use a composite resin material that can perfectly match the colour of your teeth for our white fillings. We can also replace old metal fillings for a more aesthetic look.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to restore teeth that are broken and damaged and cannot be fixed using a filling. A crown replaces the top part of your tooth and will perfectly match your other teeth.

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